Magnitude is proud of the notoriety achieved and its leadership in regards to the protection of the environment.

We take concrete measures to partake in the eco-friendly green movement, like using paper containing recycled fibers of different percentages. To protect the environment, we work with non-solvents inks and we recycle our used liquids using a PH controlling device which purifies the solutions before we discard them ecologically. Our inks are FDA approved. Also, the plastic film we use for the lamination of boxes and containers that come in contact with food products are conform to FDA standards.

We also hire offsite recycling companies for our paper waste and used metal plates. We are part of a program which distributes our used computers to people in need. We have an energy saving plan implanted by the electricity supplier to reduce usage to a minimum.

  • Use of vegetable oil based inks
  • Recycle paper
  • Recycle computers